Marketing Audits

A Marketing Audit is a thorough review of all aspects of a businesses or organisations Marketing and PR activities. The scope of each audit is unique and tailored to the client’s budget and requirements. Areas that would typically be included are:

  • Review of current and previous two years business levels, split down by product/service and distribution channels.
  • Marketing spend.
  • Marketing plans and measures.
  • Linkage between Business Plan and Marketing Plan.
  • Marketing management information.
  • Marketing processes.
  • Enquiry Sources.
  • Conversion rates from lead to sale.
  • Customer attrition.
  • Brand consistency.
  • Website performance.
  • Social media activity.
  • PR activity.

The benefits from an audit, can be very significant and can include cost reduction, increase in leads, improvements in conversion rates and increased brand profile.

If you would like a quotation for a Marketing Audit for your business or organisation, please Get in touch.