Website Reviews

Whatever the nature of your business, the odds are that your website is becoming more and more important. Even if you are not directly selling through your website, in this digital age, websites are a key means of helping potential customers find you even when they are not currently aware of your business. Many businesses have found that a visit to the website is a key stage in the buying funnel.

Given the increasing importance of your website, how much do you really understand about how it is performing?

Are you tracking website visitors and comparing not just with the previous month, but also the same time last year? What are the most popular pages and how are different pages performing and retaining visitors? What is really driving traffic to your website and are you making the most of the opportunities to increase traffic? Remember, whilst Google and other search engines are very important, they are just one of the ways that people can find their way to your website.

We will also examine how your Google My Business presence is performing and make recommendations to make the best possible of this marketing asset.

Unless you are involved in this field on a day to day basis, this can all seem very bewildering. Let us provide the clarity you need with a FREE website review. We will review your analytics, highlight where your site is performing well and also where there might be scope for improvement. Unlike a solely digital agency we will also look at what you are doing offline to drive traffic online.

To request your FREE website review contact us today.