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Prestbury Marketing & Consulting was established in March 2010, offering a wide range of Marketing and PR services in recognition of the fact that many businesses do not have the marketing resources or expertise that they ideally need. What sets us aside from others is our total focus on practical solutions that deliver an excellent return on investment and the fact that from the first minute we start work with you, it is as though we are part of your business. The key principle behind Prestbury Marketing & Consulting is to offer access to Senior level Marketing and PR resource in ‘bite size chunks’. We work with our clients to improve the effectiveness of their activities and to deliver solutions bespoke to them which are practical, effective and on budget. 

Typical projects include reviewing existing activities for improvements or efficiencies or making recommendations to help fill gaps in marketing activities, which will help grow the business. With the increasing importance of websites and social media in the decision making process of most consumers and businesses we help our clients keep ahead of these developments.

Unlike some other agencies, Prestbury Marketing & Consulting is not biased towards any particular media or service. This means that in each and every instance, recommendations will be designed around the client’s needs and not what an agency has on offer.

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