Who is behind Prestbury Marketing?

Darren Stevens is both the Managing Director and Principal Consultant for Prestbury Marketing. Darren has over 30 years’ marketing and pr experience. He will be your main point of contact and will liaise with the team to pull in experts in design, web, social etc. as and when required. This approach helps you to get the best out of our team and ensures that we really get to know your business and how best to support your needs.

Darren Stevens

Managing Director and Marketing Consultant

0788 904 2345

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Darren Stevens, the man behind Prestbury Marketing & Consulting has over 25 years’ Marketing and PR experience. This experience was gained in working for Bang & Olufsen and for the most part, Chelsea Building Society. 

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Darren 22 years with Chelsea Building Society where he held a variety of Marketing and PR roles before his success led to him becoming part of the senior management team as Director of Marketing and Customer Services.

Since establishing Prestbury Marketing, Darren has worked with a wide range of clients from a variety of different industries. Darren sits on the Board of The Growth Hub and is Vice Chairman of Gloucestershire Crimestoppers.

Victoria Ward

PR Specialist

Victoria Ward is a PR specialist with years of experience in both B2B and B2C markets. Working for a range of companies from global brands to one-man bands, Victoria delivers proven PR that really makes a difference to awareness and sales.

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Victoria comes from a PR agency background and regularly works with national, regional and trade press, as well as broadcast media to get company’s messages heard by their customers.