Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR or CR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become part of ordinary business life for many businesses. This has been driven by strong growth in consumer interest in the topic. A report by Neilson in 2015 showed that sales of consumer goods had grown by 4% for sustainable brands and by 1% for others. A staggering 66% of consumers say they are now willing to pay more for sustainable brands.

Are you happy with with the performance of your firm when it comes to CSR? Do you understand the area well enough and are you tracking key measures and reporting back on them.  Above all are you making of the opportunities that embracing CSR presents. If you are looking to sell to national or regional government or large businesses, the chances are that they will be taking a keen interest in your CSR policy and performance.

If adopted well, CSR can cut energy costs, increase staff retention, productivity and enhance your brand. Sounds attractive doesn’t it?

If you would like us to take a look at your CSR performance to see how we might enhance what you are doing, please contact us today.