Social Media Marketing

The chances are that your business or organisation is using social media one way or another. Whether or not this activity is as thought through or as effective as it can be is another matter. In a major survey, 44% of businesses questioned, said that they could not measure the impact of their social media.

How did you determine the social media platforms that you are on, was this based upon customer insight? Are you as active as you should be and are you measuring the impact of your activity? Is the tone of voice used in your social media consistent with your brand? What impression is the content that you are putting out giving of your business.

More than one in three of internet users say they research on social networks to find out more about brands or products.

Are you monitoring social media as well as posting and are you responding to all the interactions? Did you know for example that Facebook now scores you on the proportion of messages you respond to and the speed of your response. These scores are visible to anybody viewing your profile.

Our social media services include:
Social Media Reviews
Social Media Training
Generating ideas for content.
Creating Content Plans
Competitor benchmarking
Outsourced Social Media Management

We can also help you introduce a Social Media policy if your business or organisation does not have one and we can provide advice and training on how best to maximise the benefits of using social media. If this is still all too much we offer an outsourced social media service where we can operate your social media for you, although we would always recommend that this is supplemented by on the spot posts and images to give you an authentic tone of voice.

If you need help with any aspect of your social media activity, please get in touch.