Practicing what we preach

Prestbury Marketing are excited to be launching their new website today. The site is the result of months of hard work and hours of writing content, establishing the SEO, case studies and trialling different options. It highlights the successes of Prestbury Marketing, offers hints and tips to support customers and demonstrates how they offer an innovative way to resource your marketing and to grow your business.

Jenny Jervis, Marketing Consultant at Prestbury Marketing said ‘We’re really pleased to have the new site up and running, it finally feels like we can showcase the business more effectively. The site has needed a revamp for a while but we’ve struggled for time, like most SME businesses. Now it finally feels like we’re practicing what we preach and have got our own house in order, like we tell clients to!’

With an expanding team at Prestbury Marketing, the site is another step forward as the company grows and the number of businesses they are supporting is increasing rapidly. The team are now looking forward to meeting local companies at the Gloucestershire Business Show this week.

We would like to thank the team at AM PM for all their help with the website.

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