New Pizza Hut “Now that’s delivering” TV advert – what is there not to like?

Pizza Hut launch new UK TV campaign

Pizza Hut has launched a bold new TV advertising campaign (watch the advert here) with the ambitious aim of “owning” the UK pizza delivery market in 2019. An audacious aim perhaps, but you have to admire the advert – well you don’t “have to”, but it undeniably has a lot going for it. The campaign is in the context of results for Pizza Hut (for last available full year to 3rd December 2017) that saw sales drop from £233m to £225m and a UK market for delivery and takeaway pizza that is reportedly worth £1,125m.

The advert has humour, very clear, strong unique selling points and even manages to repeatedly take a swipe at its main competitor, where we are left in no doubt who they are referring to despite the fact they don’t mention them by name. Admittedly in a 60 second commercial but Pizza Hut manage to squeeze in strong references to their taste (backed up by consumer research), 30 minute delivery guarantee, the fact they reward loyalty and their value with their “£5 Favourites”.

There is a well respected and still often used Marketing Model called AIDA, that outlines the steps that you have to take a consumer through to get them to respond to any form of marketing. The steps being (getting) Attention, (creating) Interest, (generating) Desire and (prompting) Action. We would argue that this ticks all these “pizza” boxes.

Only time will tell how successful the campaign will be, but it will be interesting to see and also see how Domino’s Pizza respond (surely they won’t just fall over?). Let the battle commence.