Is there such a thing as too much marketing?

It might come as something of a surprise to hear a Marketing business say this, but in our opinion the answer to this question is most definitely yes.

The most obvious reason for this is a business or organisation’s ability to service the business or level of business that marketing has generated. If you cannot supply whatever demand marketing has generated then there will clearly be wasted effort and expense. If customers cannot get through to you or fail to get a response then not only do you lose out on that business, but you are also putting at risk your reputation and repeat business if the enquirer was an existing business.

Many businesses have excellent sales processes that when you view them, have a faultless process for handling enquiries, logging them and following them up appropriately. But ask yourself the question, is this always the case or when volumes pick up, do you ever fail to log the source of an enquiry or do enquiries fall through the cracks.

It is by no means easy, but in an ideal world Marketing should be aiming to deliver exactly the right amount of business (particularly difficult in markets that are seasonal). Generate too little interest and you might fail to meet your targets, generate too much and there is the wastage already referred to. A good starting point here though is to ensure that your targets are broken down into monthly targets for leads, enquiries, opportunities and sales. That way you have a sound basis for tracking projected versus actual performance and you will detect changes in overall levels, but also in conversion rates and average transaction levels.

So there really can be too much of a good thing, even marketing ……

If you would like us to review your Marketing to determine whether or not you are doing the right amount, then please contact us.

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