Data Management

Good data and data management are one of the fundamental building blocks that are need to be able to carrying out a variety of different forms of marketing, particularly direct mail and email marketing. Good quality data is also key to being able to understand what is and what is not working.

  • We work with businesses on a range of data projects including:
  • Data reviews.
  • Data Management reviews.
  • Data cleansing.
  • Buying in external data.
  • Gathering data from prospects/clients.
  • Data segmentation.
  • Customer segmentation.
  • Lapsed customer reviews.
  • Recommending CRM systems.
  • Implementing CRM systems.
  • Introducing Marketing Management Information.

Do you have the data that you need and is it in a form that you can use or helps you understand how your business is performing?

If you need help with your data or data management, then please contact us to see how we can help you.